Humanitarian project of the state institution “The territorial centre of social service of the population of Uzda district”

Humanitarian project of the state institution “The territorial centre of social service of the population

of Uzda district”

1.The Project name:
“Inclusive recreation and entertainment park «We play together»
2. Time-limits for the realization: 1year (focused on a long-term prospect).
3. The applicant organization:

The state institution «The territorial center of social service of the population of  Uzda district»;

Department of Education, Sport and Tourism of Uzdа District

4. Purpose of the project: сreation of a multifunctional inclusive playground with play and sports areas, adapted to the needs of children with disabilities, for their adaptation and socialization in modern society.
5. Tasks within the project:

Ø  the formation of an inclusive space for the implementation of specialized programs aimed at the socialization and sports and creative implementation of children with disabilities in conditions of social interaction;Ø  providing free access to a playground and sports ground equipped with the latest requirements with outdoor exercise equipment;Ø  creation of conditions for interesting and complete leisure;Ø  popularization of a healthy lifestyle through the holding of games and sports and recreational activities to preserve the health and well-being of children with disabilities;Ø  the formation of a positive attitude to the problems of families raising children with disabilities, as well as to the problem of ensuring barrier-free communication for children with different levels of health;Ø  overcoming social disunity in society between children of different levels of health status.

6. Focus group: families raising minor children, including those with disabilities
7. Activities within the project:  In the city of Uzda has a compact square, which can be transformed into an Inclusive children’s park of rest and entertainment.

To achieve this goal it is necessary to carry out a whole range of measures:

  • Landscaping of the park:
    – cleaning of the territory from trees and shrubs;
    – dismantling of old footpaths;
    – zoning of the territory;
    – fencing of the territory;
    – Installation of footpaths using tactile tiles;
    – installation of benches, ballot boxes, racks for bicycles;
    – improvement of the public toilet;
    – providing additional lighting;
    – provision of electricity;
    – gardening.
  • Equipping the sports ground with the necessary equipment:
    – application of safety rubber coating from rubber crumb;   
    – the acquisition of a set of street sports simulators, their installation;
    – the acquisition of a multifunctional complex for children with disabilities;
    – purchase of additional sports equipment, board games and drawing tools.

  • Organization of fitness activities:
    – organization and holding of sporting events, holidays.
  • Setting a mini scene:
    – the organization and conduct of theatrical productions, concert programs, cultural events
  • Improvement of a recreation area:
    – installation of benches, arbors;
    – installation of tables, chairs (children, adults);
    – installation of a swing.
  • Conducting a large-scale outreach on the implementation of the project in order to attract public attention to the problems of these categories of citizens and to ensure the availability of fitness activities for families with minor children, including those with disabilities. 
8. The total funding  (in US dollars):
Source of financing Amount of financing

(in US dollars)

Donor funds 60 000
Co-financing 6 000
9. Location  (region/district, city): Minsk region, Uzda
10. Contact person:

Zhuk Natalia Alexandrovna – director of the State institution «The territorial center of social service of the population of Uzda district».

(801718) 68710, mobile:(8033)668-82-13; e-mail-

 We look forward to collaborating!