«Оne World for all» – assistance to persons with disabilities in developing and restoring self-service skills and preparing for independent living

“Health without barriers” – Creating a barrier-free environment for free access to medical care for people with disabilities in a medical institution

Humanitarian project of State healthcare institution “Grodno City polyclinic№1” loocking for sponsors


1.Project Name: “Health without barriers”.
2.Duration of the project:  2021-2022г.г.
3.Applicant organization: State healthcare institution “Grodno City polyclinic№1”.
4.Objectives of the project: Creating a barrier-free environment for free access to medical care for people with disabilities in a medical institution.
5.Tasks planned for implementation within the project: Ensuring equal access to medical care for all patients of the medical institution. Improving the ability to self-serve and move people with disabilities. Installation of an electric lift for moving people with disabilities inside the polyclinic building at 13 Lermontov str.
6.Target group: – persons with disabilities: category 1 disabled people, including wheelchair users

– patients with visual and hearing impairments

– patients whose capabilities are temporarily limited (with fractures and other injuries)

– patients with disorders of musculoskeletal system and moves with the help of a cane, crutches, walker.

7.Brief description of project activities: Purchase of a minibus for delivering and accompanying persons with disabilities to medical institutions.  Installation of an information terminal for visually impaired and hard-of-hearing patients. Installation of an electric lift for the movement of persons with disabilities inside the building of the polyclinic on Lermontov str.
8.Total amount of funding

(in U.S. dollars):

70 000,00 $
Source of funding

Amount of funding

70 000,00 $
Donor funds 63 000,00 $
Co-financing 7000,00 $
9.Project implementation location: 13Lermontov str., Grodno, Republic of Belarus.
10.Contact person: Tatyana PetrovnaZhuromskaya, deputy head of the medico examination and rehabilitation department of the state health care institution “Grodno City polyclinic№1”,
Fax. (0152) 61-06-33;

We look forward to collaborating!