Humanitarian cooperation

Basic criteria for classifying a document (agreement) as a humanitarian project

A humanitarian project should contain:

  • Full name of the humanitarian project
  • Name of the Belarusian organization implementing the humanitarian project, including co-executors (if any)
  • Name of the foreign partner
  • Brief description of the humanitarian project
  • Aim of the project
  • Period of humanitarian project implementation – at least 1 year
  • Set amount of financing and budget of the project – at least USD 10,000.00 in equivalent including the possibility of co-financing at the expense of own funds of the organization – receiver of the foreign gratuitous aid and (or) by the resource of the national and (or) local budgets
  • Frequency of arriving foreign gratuitous aid during period of the project (3 or more times)
  • The list of the planned activities or measures aimed at solving socially significant problems
  • Plan of implementing the humanitarian project including implementation schedule, a step-by-step description of activities, required resources (staff, technical equipment), deadlines.
  • Anticipated outcomes of the humanitarian project (social, economic, and other effects)