«Сomfortable home»

Humanitarian project of the State Instituition

«The Territorial Center of Lyahovichi for Social Service

of the Population»

1. Name of the project: «Сomfortable home».


2. Project implementation period: 1 year.


3. Organization, which offers a project: the State Instituition «The Territorial Center of Lyahovichi for Social Service of the Population».


4. Aim of the project: creation and maintenance of favorable living conditions for senior citizens and persons with disabilities with the organization of necessary social, medical and cultural services.


5. Tasks to be realized while the project implementation:

implementation of social protection of the elderly and disabled by providing them with housing;

provision serviced accommodation, a separate bed, furniture, bedding, of technical means of transportation to the disabled and elderly in need;

creation of favorable living conditions for the citizens served and organization of care for them;

– providing moral and psychological support to citizens, carrying out measures to restore personal and social status;

6. Task group: senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

7. Brief description of the events within the framework of the project: The civilization of society can be judged by the way it lives disabled people. In the Republic of Belarus, and in the Lyakhovichi district in particular, the demographic situation is such that the specific number of elderly citizens increases every year. So according to the National statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus as of 01.01.2019 in Lyakhovichi district lived 7,674 people over working age, which is 31% of the total population of the district. This means that there is a need for the introduction of new diverse forms of social assistance to this category of citizens. One of them is the opening of the Department of round-the-clock stay for elderly and disabled people.

The Department will provide accommodation, a separate bed, necessary furniture, bedding and household items, four meals a day, pre-medical medical care, assistance in the implementation of sanitary and hygienic procedures, leisure activities, etc.

To create comfortable living conditions, it is necessary to make cosmetic repairs to the building, improve the surrounding area, equip the building with elements of a barrier-free environment, purchase technical means of social rehabilitation (wheelchairs, canes, bedside tables, bath seats, etc.) and equipment (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.).

8. Total funding (dollars USA): 66 250.
Source of funding Amount of financing  (dollars USA)
Contributor 60 000
Co-financing 6 250
9. Place of the project implementation (region/district, town): Brest region, Lyakhovichi district.
10. Contact person: Bogdan O.M., Deputy Director, the State Instituition «The Territorial Center of Lyahovichi for Social Service of the Population»,
tel. 8 01633 6 20 98, e-mail: tcrlyahovichi@mintrud.by

We look forward to collaborating!