«Granits.net» – creating conditions for self-realization and social rehabilitation through creativity for people with disabilities and elderly citizens

Name of the project:

Humanitarian project of the State Institution of Culture ” Lepel District House of Culture” “Granits.net”

2. Project implementation period: 2021 -2025.
3. Organization-applicant, proposing the project: State cultural institution ” Lepel District House of Culture”
4. Objectives of the project:

Implementation of cultural services for people with disabilities, elderly citizens by creating a barrier-free environment for life; creating conditions for self-realization and social rehabilitation through creativity; promoting the full integration of people with disabilities into the social and cultural life of the city of Lepel and the region.

5. Tasks planned for implementation within the framework of the project:

– modernization of the building of the Lepelskiy RDK in order to create the necessary conditions for cultural and leisure services for people with disabilities and the elderly and to meet their needs;

– development of inclusion in the city of Lepel and the region;

– the erasure of physical and psychological boundaries, the formation of a single communication space for creativity for people with and without disabilities;

– creation of conditions for the realization of the joint creative potential of the disabled, the elderly and members of art collectives of the State Institution of Culture ” Lepel RDK”.

6. Target group:

People with disabilities and senior citizens of Lepel and the Lepel region

7. Brief description of project activities:

– reconstruction of the building of the State Institution of Management ” Lepelsky RDK”:

1) creation and equipment on the ground floor of the Lepel RDK building of a creative laboratory for communication and implementation of the creative needs of people with disabilities and the elderly, including the arrangement of barrier-free access to creative laboratories;

2) Carrying out repair work to create classrooms for classes and club activities of the collectives of the Lepelskiy RDK, with the supply of electricity, communication services, connection to the heating network on the attic floor;

3) re-equipment and current repair of the bathroom in accordance with the requirements for people with disabilities and the elderly;

4) purchase and installation of a lift for lifting wheelchair users into the building, creative laboratories and on the stage.

– equipment modernization:

1) purchase and installation of an LED screen for visualizing events: showing social videos, videos with sign language translation ;

2) the purchase of a digital mixing console, video equipment for organizing online broadcasts on the Internet of activities in the area for people with disabilities and elderly people who cannot move;

3) purchase of professional radio systems with a bodypack transmitter and head-mounted microphone;

4) purchase of stage lighting equipment for events;

5) purchase of a digital video camera and digital camera for recording, popularizing and storing information about the activities of the creative laboratory, including by creating its photo and video archive;

6) purchase of office equipment and personal computers.

8. Total funding (in US dollars):
Source of financing Funding volume

(in USD)

Donor funds $ 250,000
Co-financing 10000 $
8. Place of project implementation (region / district, city):

Vitebsk region, Lepel district, Lepel

9. Contact person:

initials, surname, position, phone number, email address

Ivanova Natalia Vyacheslavovna, head of the methodological department of the State Institution of Culture ” Lepel District House of Culture”

Phone: 802132 3-61- 0 6 , +375333051338. E- mail : lepel_romc@mail.ru