Planeta Children’s Recreation Camp

The State Institution PLANETA Children’s Recreation Camp of Property Management Directorate of the President of the Republic of Belarus is located in a picturesque area of Minsk rayon, 10 km away from Minsk, near village Volkovichi and Ptich Reservoir.

Parents bring their children to the camp independently by bus running in the direction of Minsk-Brest from Yugo-Zapadnaya bus station (Minsk-Plashevo, Minsk-Rubezhevichi, Minsk-Frunze, Minsk-Petrashevichi, Minsk-Hotovo), by minibus in the direction of Dzerzhinsk, Fanipol, Stankovo from Institut Kultury metro station to the Motel stop.

Camp Director: Elena Sinkevich

Reception hours:

— during recreation season – each Wednesday, 8.00 to 20.00

— during usual period — the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 8.00 to 20.00

Camp phone numbers:

+375 17 510-98-39

+375 17-295-56-94

Internet site:


Living conditions
number of people

living in room

availability of heating availability of amenities availability of hot water
3-storey brick building (for younger children) for 42 beds 3-bedded rooms own electric boiler house all amenities available in the building constantly, shower cabins are available
4 panel buildings for 30 beds each

(in each building children reside by age groups)

7-8-bedded rooms ceiling electric heating in separate well-equipped facilities next to the buildings constantly, in separate well-equipped facilities next to the buildings

 five meals a day for three age groups, C-vitamin fortification

The camp territory has:

– dining room for 180 people;

– clubhouse;

– room for club activities;

– playing room;

– 180 sq. m. splash pool;

– football field;

– volleyball and basketball grounds with a modern flooring;

— children’s playground;

– sports facilities.

Leisure and recreation activities for children are organized by experienced educators and counselors.

Each shift is usually thematic. Every day there are squad and all-camp events, such as “Day of Belarusian Culture”, action “For Belarus”, children’s and youth creativity festival, environment day, Podium Art fashion festival, Miss and Mr. Planeta contest, intellectual shows. Kids are welcomed to interest groups, famous Belarusian theaters and Belarusian pop stars deliver their performances and concerts to the children’s attention.

To boost health and physical training, the camp has decent sports facilities. Every shift the camp organizes Small Olympics, children’s and youth sports contests, “Oh, Sport, You are Peace!” events where famous Belarusian athletes are invited. In addition, there is a health corner and “Fashion of Being Fit” health days are held.

A rich program of recreation and entertainment will make the children’s summer holidays unforgettable, bring them lots of new impressions and also help them to make many new friends.

Welcome to Planeta Children’s Recreation Camp for cheerfulness and health!

For camp vouchers, please contact State Institution Planeta Children’s Recreation Camp at: Zhilunovicha Str. 15, office 301/3 a-b, Minsk, telephone: +375 17 295-56-94.